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2015: The Finow Canal - identity and navigation

In the recent past the Finow Canal was on everyone's lips. The Lange Trödel was opened in 2016 and various initiatives and associations are now working to preserve and expand Germany's oldest still navigable artificial waterway. Even politically it seems that the course is gradually being set for this.

For this reason, in 2015 cultural institutions also made efforts to consolidate the significance of the Finow Canal as an identity-forming monument for an entire region. The Oderberg Museum of Inland Navigation was only one of many participants who committed themselves to this project.
Besides the turbulent history of the canal, the focus of our exhibition is mainly on shipping and the locks of the Finow Canal. Two rooms on the ground floor of the museum building still offer you a comprehensive insight into the exciting anecdotal history of what is probably the most important waterway in Brandenburg.

Information about the special exhibition:

The Finow Canal, as Germany's oldest navigable man-made waterway, is not only a worthwhile place to visit by boat, but with its cultural-historical dimension, it also contributes to the identity of an entire region.

In 2015, you could learn more about this special feature in three museums along this historic waterway: the Liebenwalde Museum of Local History, the Eberswalde Regional Museum and our Oderberg Inland Navigation Museum.

With us you will also gain an insight into navigation as the core task of a waterway. Besides the explanation of the typical canal locks and ship types, you can also find out more about the development of the different types of propulsion in the history of the Finow Canal - from the traditional towing of ships using manpower and steam-powered tugs through to the exotic "Uhle", the only cable steamer on the
waterways of the Mark Brandenburg.


Finowkanal - Kaffenkahn


Finowkanal - Kanalbau



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